We’ve got something students want

Friday, April 15th, 2016

The most recent enrollment data for all public four-year institutions throughout the nation for fall 2014 has just been released, and Arizona’s public universities are clearly in demand. In fact, enrollment at Arizona’s public universities grew at a faster rate than any state and was only exceeded by California and Texas in the total number of students added to class rosters.

Making this achievement even more remarkable is that nearly half the states – 22 – saw declining numbers in their four-year institutions’ enrollments.

There are 745 public four-year institutions in the nation, ranging from one in Wyoming to 50 in Texas. In total size, Florida has the largest total enrollment at 753,499. California came in next with 709,300 enrollees, and Texas is third with 677,363 students. It’s no surprise the nation’s most populous states would have the largest systems. Arizona’s total enrollment ranks 19th among states.

When it comes to enrollment growth, however, Arizona is near the front of the pack. Arizona is among the top three in total growth, at 9,280 new students. California’s four-year public institutions increased enrollment by 21,334 while similar Texas institutions increased their enrollments by 23,368.

It’s in growth rates where Arizona takes the lead, with an increase of 6.4 percent in student enrollment. Behind Arizona was Maryland at 5.2 percent and Nevada at 3.9 percent. California and Texas grew in the 3 percent range, while Florida added only 56 new students.

We are now the public university choice for 163,183 students at Arizona State University, Northern Arizona University and the University of Arizona. We will have to wait a while to see how that compares to the rest of the nation, but it is a safe bet we will be welcoming more students than other states in the next few years.

Known for innovation, excellence, access and affordability, qualified students from throughout the nation and the world want what we have to offer at Arizona’s public universities.