Student Regents

Selection of the Student Regent

  • The Student Regent is chosen through a rigorous process that begins with candidates applying to the Board of Associated Students of Arizona.
  • The student Board forwards three final candidates to the local student government on campus where the nominees are confirmed and forwarded to the Governor's office.
  • The Governor conducts interviews and nominates one student for the position.
  • The Governor's nominee must be confirmed by the Arizona Senate.


  • A student was first added to the Board in a non-voting position in 1978.
  • The Student Regent was granted voting privileges during the 1989-90 term.
  • A statute passed by the 44th Legislature (2000) added a second, non-voting student member to the Arizona Board of Regents.
  • Student Regents are now appointed for two years; the first year is served as a non-voting member and the second year as the voting Student Regent.

Rachel Kanyur

Business Phone: 602-229-2540

Student Regent Rachel Kanyur was appointed to the Arizona Board of Regents by Gov. Doug Ducey on July 13, 2021. She is a member of the Finance, Capital and Resources Committee, and Research and Health Sciences Committee.

Regent Kanyur is an undergraduate student at Northern Arizona University who is earning her bachelor’s degree in exercise science with a minor in psychology. She is enrolled in the Honors College and in her junior year at the university. She aids students as a supplemental instruction leader, working to provide them with study resources and is a member of the Student Health Advocacy Committee that provides students with information and resources about their health. Regent Kanyur has served as a traveling intern with the TeenPact Leadership Schools where she also helped students learn about the legislative process.

Ensuring access to higher education is a priority for Regent Kanyur. She is dedicated to supporting students at Arizona’s public universities and would like to focus on increasing communication between the state and university students during her time as a student regent.

Katelyn Rees

Business Phone: 602-229-2540

Student Regent Katelyn Rees was appointed to the Arizona Board of Regents by Gov. Doug Ducey on April 26, 2022. She is a member of the Audit Committee, and Academic Affairs and Educational Attainment Committee. 

Regent Rees is seeking dual Bachelor of Science degrees in mechanical engineering and computer science as an undergraduate student at the University of Arizona’s W. A. Franke Honors College.

An engineering ambassador for the College of Engineering, she represents engineering through college fairs, seminars and tours while encouraging students of all socioeconomic backgrounds to pursue engineering. She is an undergraduate teaching assistant for UArizona mathematics, helping students with calculus, creating review guides and practice questions, and grading.

Regent Rees is a member of Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honor Society, honored for her outstanding achievements in engineering. She has consistently been named to the UArizona College of Engineering dean’s list and was named a National Advanced Placement Scholar in high school as well as student of the year in statistics, English and chemistry.

Contributing to the success of the board and the universities is a priority for Regent Rees. She is focused on increasing educational attainment in Arizona and elevating awareness of the value of public higher education.