Board Members

The Arizona Board of Regents is the governing board for the state’s public universities: Arizona State University, Northern Arizona University, and the University of Arizona. The board provides policy guidance in such areas as: academic and student affairs; financial and human resource programs; student tuition, fees, and financial aid programs; university capital development plans; strategic plans; legal affairs; and public and constituent outreach.

The board consists of twelve members, eleven voting and one non-voting. This includes the governor and superintendent of public instruction as ex-officio members, each serving while they hold office, and two student regents.

Except for ex-officio members and student regents, and as noted, the term of a regent is eight years. As regents finish their terms, new regents are appointed by the governor and confirmed by the Senate.

Fred DuVal

Chair Elect

Cecilia Mata


Rachel Kanyur

Student Regent, Assistant Treasurer

Katelyn Rees

Student Regent

Katie Hobbs


Tom Horne



In 1864, the first Territorial Legislature authorized the establishment of the University of Arizona and provided for the management, direction, governance, and control by a Board of Regents. The state colleges, one in Tempe and one in Flagstaff, were governed by a three-member State Board of Education that included the superintendent of public instruction and two members appointed by the governor. In March of 1945, the governor signed House Bill 136 uniting the governing boards of the university and state colleges of Arizona. The authority of the Board of Regents expanded to include the Arizona State Teachers College at Tempe (since 1958 Arizona State University), and Arizona State Teachers College at Flagstaff (since 1966 Northern Arizona University).

History and selection of student regent

The student regent is chosen through a rigorous process that begins with candidates applying to the Board of Associated Students of Arizona. The student board forwards three final candidates to the local student government on campus where the nominees are then confirmed and forwarded to the governor's office. After the governor conducts interviews, he or she nominates one student for the position. The governor's nominee must then be confirmed by the Arizona Senate.

A student was first added to the board in a non-voting position in 1978, and the student regent was granted voting privileges during the 1989-90 term. During the 44th legislative session in 2000, a second, non-voting student member was added to the Arizona Board of Regents. Student regents are now appointed for two years; the first year is served as a non-voting member and the second year as the voting student regent.

Regent History

Full NameDesignationReplacedYear BeginYear End
Tom HorneSuperintendent of Public InstructionKathy Hoffman2023
Katelyn ReesStudent RegentNikhil Dave2022
Doug GoodyearRegentRon Shoopman2022
Gregg BrewsterRegentBill Ridenour2022
Katie HobbsGovernorDoug Ducey2022
Robert J. HerboldRegentKarrin Taylor Robson2021
Jessica PachecoRegentKathryn Hackett King2021
Rachel KanyurStudent RegentAnthony Rusk2021
Cecilia MataRegentRam Krishna2020
Nikhil DaveStudent RegentLauren L’Ecuyer20202022
Kathryn Hackett KingRegentJay Heiler20202021
Fred DuValRegentRick Myers20192026
Anthony RuskStudent RegentAundrea DeGravina20192021
Kathy HoffmanSuperintendent of Public InstructionDiane Douglas20192023
Lauren L’EcuyerStudent RegentVianney Careaga20182020
Aundrea DeGravinaStudent RegentJared Gorshe20172019
Karrin Taylor RobsonRegentGreg Patterson20172021
Vianney CareagaStudent RegentMark Naufel20162018
Lyndel MansonRegentLuAnn Leonard20162024
Jared GorsheStudent RegentValerie Hanna20152017
Larry Edward PenleyRegentMark Killian20152026
Doug DuceyGovernorJan Brewer20152022
Diane DouglasSuperintendent of Public InstructionJohn Huppenthal20152019
Mark NaufelStudent RegentKaitlin Thompson20142016
Ron ShoopmanRegentAnne Mariucci20142022
Bill RidenourRegentDennis DeConcini20142022
Valerie HannaStudent RegentTyler Bowyer20132015
Ram KrishnaRegentRobert J. McLendon20122020
Jay HeilerRegentFred Price DuVal20122020
Kaitlin ThompsonStudent RegentWilliam R. Holmes20122014
Greg PattersonRegentBob McLendon20122017
Tyler BowyerStudent RegentJennifer Ginther20112013
John HuppenthalSuperintendent of Public InstructionTom Horne20112015
William HolmesStudent RegentRoss Meyer20102012
Rick MyersRegentFred Boice20102018
Mark KillianRegentRobert Bulla20102015
Janice BrewerGovernorJanet Napolitano20092015
Jennifer GintherStudent RegentDavid Martinez III20092011
LuAnn LeonardRegentChristina Palacios20082016
Bob McLendonRegentGary Stuart20082012
Ross MeyerStudent Regent20082010
David Martinez IIIStudent RegentEdward Hermes20072009
Anne MariucciRegentChris Herstam20062014
Mary VeneziaStudent RegentBenjamin Graff20062008
Dennis DeConciniRegentJack Jewett20062014
Jack JewettRegentLorraine Frank20062006
Kolby GranvilleStudent RegentWes McCalley20052005
Edward HermesStudent RegentKolby Granville20052007
Ernest CalderónRegentKay McKay20042012
Benjamin GraffStudent RegentDanelle Peterson-Kelling20042006
Lorraine FrankRegentDonald Ulrich20042006
Janet NapolitanoGovernorJane Hull20032009
Wes McCalleyStudent RegentMatthew Meaker20032005
Tom HorneSuperintendent of Public InstructionJaime Molera20032011
Danelle Peterson-KellingStudent RegentMyrina Robinson20022004
Fred BoiceRegentGeorge H. "Hank" Amos III20022010
Robert BullaRegentJudy Gignac20022010
Myrina RobinsonStudent RegentMary Echeverria20012002
Matthew MeakerStudent Regent20012003
Jaime MoleraSuperintendent of Public InstructionLisa Graham Keegan20012002
Gary StuartRegentRudy Campbell20002008
Christina PalaciosRegentJohn F. Munger20002008
Mary EcheverriaStudent RegentChristine Thompson20002001
Christine ThompsonStudent RegentJennifer Reichelt19992000
Kay McKayRegentKurt Davis19982006
Jennifer ReicheltStudent RegentJohn Platt19981999
Chris HerstamRegentEddie Basha19982006
Jack JewettRegentArthur Chapa19982006
John PlattStudent RegentJonathan Schmitt19971998
Jane HullGovernorJ. Fife Symington19972002
Donald UlrichRegentAndrew Hurwitz19962004
Kurt DavisRegentDouglas Wall19961998
Jonathan SchmittStudent RegentMark Davis19961997
Lisa Graham KeeganSuperintendent of Public InstructionC. Diane Bishop19952001
Mark DavisStudent RegentDavid Tung19951996
David TungStudent RegentSpencer Insolia19941995
George AmosRegentDonald Pitt19942002
Judy GignacRegentEsther Capin19942002
Spencer InsoliaStudent RegentRhian Evans19931994
Rudy CampbellRegentHerman Chanen19922000
Rhian EvansStudent RegentAbedon Fimbres19921993
John MungerRegentEdith S. Auslander19922000
Abedon FimbresStudent RegentDanny Siciliano19911992
J. Fife SymingtonGovernorRose Mofford19911997
Eddie BashaRegentA. J. "Jack" Pfister19901998
Arthur ChapaRegentDonald Shropshire19901998
Danny SicilianoStudent RegentPeggy Steffens19901991
Peggy SteffensStudent RegentPatrick McWhortor19891990
Patrick McWhortorStudent RegentJoseph Mikitish19881989
Douglas WallRegentTio Tachias19881996
Andrew HurwitzRegentRalph A. Watkins, Jr.19881996
Rose MoffordGovernorEvan Mecham19881991
C. Diane BishopSuperintendent of Public InstructionCarolyn Warner19871994
Evan MechamGovernorBruce Babbitt19871988
Ralph WatkinsRegentWilliam P. Reilly19871988
Joseph MikitishStudent RegentFelicia Morelos née Martinez19871988
Stan TurleyRegentWilliam P. Reilly19861986
Felicia MartinezStudent RegentNora Ann Gerges née Colton19861987
Nora Ann Gerges née ColtonStudent RegentPaul Julien19851986
Paul JulienStudent RegentKathleen Couey née Clark19841985
Edith AuslanderRegentThomas Chandler19841992
Herman ChanenRegentDr. William G. Payne19841992
Kathleen ClarkStudent RegentVada Manager19831984
A. J. PfisterRegentRudy E. Campbell19821990
Vada ManagerStudent Regent19821983
Donald PittRegentJames F. McNulty Jr.19821994
Donald ShropshireRegentDwight W. Patterson19821990
Shannon MartyStudent RegentRenee Marler19811982
James McNultyRegentEarl Carroll19801982
Renee MarlerStudent RegentJoel Stiner19801981
Tio TachiasRegentSidney S. Woods19801988
William ReillyRegentDwight W. Patterson19801986
Dwight PattersonRegentRalph M. Bilby19801982
Joel StinerStudent RegentAndrew Federhar19791980
Andrew FederharStudent Regent19781979
Esther CapinRegentJames Dunseath19781994
Earl CarrollRegentJohn F. Molloy19781980
Bruce BabbittGovernorHarvey Wesley Bolin19781987
Harvey BolinGovernorRaul H. Castro19771978
John MolloyRegentGordon D. Paris19771978
William PayneRegentMargaret M. Christy19761984
Thomas ChandlerRegentDr. Paul L. Singer19761984
Carolyn WarnerSuperintendent of Public InstructionWeldon P. Shofstall19751986
Raul CastroGovernorJohn R. (Jack) Williams19751977
Dwight PattersonRegentKenneth G. Bentson19751980
Rudy CampbellRegentJohn A. Lentz19741982
Ralph BilbyRegentNorman Sharber19741980
John LentzRegentElwood W. Bradford19711974
Sidney WoodsRegentWesley P. Goss19711980
Kenneth BentsonRegentArthur B. Schellenberg19701975
Margaret ChristyRegentBetty Riggle19701976
Gordon ParisRegentLeon Levy19691977
Weldon ShofstallSuperintendent of Public InstructionSarah Folsom19691974
James DunseathRegentDean Burch19691978
Betty RiggleRegentNorma Barr Rockfellow19691970
Dean BurchRegentGeorge W. Chambers19691969
Paul SingerRegentO. D. Miller19671976
Norma RockfellowRegentVivian Lahti Boysen19671969
John WilliamsGovernorSamuel P. Goddard Jr.19671975
Sarah FolsomSuperintendent of Public InstructionW. W. Dick19651969
Norman SharberRegentJohn G. Babbitt19651974
Samuel GoddardGovernorPaul J. Fannin19651967
Wesley GossRegentSamuel H. Morris19631971
Arthur SchellenbergRegentLynn M. Laney19631970
Leon LevyRegentAlexander G. Jacome19611969
George ChambersRegentWilliam R. Matthews19611969
Paul FanninGovernorErnest W. McFarland19591965
Vivian BoysenRegentEvelyn Jones Kirmse19591967
W. W. DickSuperintendent of Public InstructionM. L. Brooks19591965
O. D. MillerRegentJohn M. Jacobs19591967
Elwood BradfordRegentMichael B. Hodges19571971
Marion BrooksSuperintendent of Public InstructionClifton L. Harkins19571959
Ernest McFarlandGovernorHoward Pyle19551959
Samuel MorrisRegent19551963
Clifton HarkinsSuperintendent of Public InstructionM. L. Brooks19551957
Alexander JacomeRegent19521961
Howard PyleGovernorDan E. Garvey19511955
Evelyn KirmseRegent19511959
John JacobsRegent19511959
William MatthewsRegent19501961
Michael HodgesRegent19491957
John BabbittRegent19491965
M. L. BrooksSuperintendent of Public InstructionLinne D. Klemmedson19491955
J. George HilzingerRegent19491957
Dan GarveyGovernorSidney P. Osborn19481951
Walter BimsonRegent19471955
Nolan PulliamSuperintendent of Public InstructionE. D. Ring19471947
Linne KlemmedsonSuperintendent of Public InstructionNolan D. Pulliam19471949
Charlotte GoodwinRegent19451947
William StevensonRegent19451947
James BriscoeRegent19451945
John ScottRegent19451950
Florence BeckRegent19451947
Lynn LaneyRegent19451963
Joseph MorganRegent19431945
W. Ronald EllsworthRegent19431951
Samuel MorrisRegent19431945
E. D. RingSuperintendent of Public InstructionHerman E. Hendrix19411947
Clarence HoustonRegent19411949
Sue GreerRegent19411948
Evo DeConciniRegent19411941
Sidney OsbornGovernorRobert T. Jones19411948
Cleon KnappRegent19401952
Robert JonesGovernorR. C. Stanford19391941
M. O. BestRegent19391947
R. C. StanfordGovernorBenjamin B. Moeur19371939
Elbert HoustonRegent19371940
Martin GentryRegent19371943
Albert CrawfordRegent19351943
Jack MartinRegent19351947
William WestoverRegent19351943
Samuel PatteeRegent19341935
E. E. EllinwoodRegent19331941
Halbert MillerRegent19331941
Herman HendrixSuperintendent of Public InstructionCharles O. Case19331941
Benjamin MoeurGovernor19331937
W. O. SweekRegent19321937
W. C. JoynerRegent19291932
John PhillipsGovernor19291931
Henry McCluskeyRegent19291939
Frank CriderRegent19271935
Louis KempfRegent19271928
George BridgeRegent19271932
Robert TalleyRegent19271936
Anthony JohnsRegent19251925
Roy KirkpatrickRegent19251932
John CorriganRegent19231927
Cleve Van DykeRegent19231929
Theodora MarshRegent19231936
Charles CaseSuperintendent of Public Instruction19231933
Charles LaytonRegent19231933
E. E. EllinwoodRegent19231927
Dwight HeardRegent19211923
Mose DrachmanRegent19211923
Elsie TolesSuperintendent of Public InstructionCharles O. Case19211923
Estmer HudsonRegent19201925
Timothy RiordanRegent19191923
John CampbellRegent19191926
James ComptonRegent19191922
Thomas CampbellGovernor19191922
William ScarlettRegent19191921
Epes RandolphRegent19191921
Edmund WellsRegent19191925
Madge RobertsRegent19181918
John HughesRegent19181919
Louise MarshallRegent19181919
J. H. ChapmanRegent19181918
Henry McCluskeyRegent19181919
Joseph HodgsonRegent19171918
John FinnRegent19171917
John OrmeRegent19171918
Edward TitcombRegent19171918
Bettie WhiteRegent19161919
William ScarlettRegent19141919
Roderick KennedyRegent19141917
Rudolph RasmessenRegent19141918
Frank DuffyRegent19141917
William BryanRegent19141920
W. V. WhitmoreRegent19141918
Charles CaseSuperintendent of Public InstructionKirke T. Moore19121921
Albert WatersRegent19121914
Logan WheatleyRegent19121915
Frank HerefordRegent19121917
Lewis RickettsRegent19121923
W. J. MurphyRegent19111912
John GreenwayRegent19111912
Kirke MooreSuperintendent of Public InstructionR. L. Long19101912
Richard SloanGovernorJoseph H. Kibbey19091912
Anthony GrossettaRegent19071911
R. L. LongSuperintendent of Public InstructionN. G. Layton19061910
Joseph KibbeyGovernorAlexander O. Brodie19051909
Walter TalbotRegent19051907
Charles BaylessRegent19041910
George RoskrugeRegent19031911
Mark EganRegent19031904
Winfield ScottRegent19021904
Ferris FitchRegent19021903
John OrmsbyRegent19021905
Alexander BrodieGovernorNathan Oakes Murphy19021905
N. G. LaytonSuperintendent of Public InstructionR. L. Long19021906
James ZabriskieRegent19011903
Anthony GrossettaRegent19011902
Charles DrakeRegent18991901
Hiram FennerRegent18991901
Herbert TenneyRegent18991902
William HerringRegent18981902
R. L. LongSuperintendent of Public InstructionAlbert P. Sherman18981902
Nathan MurphyGovernorMyron H. McCord18981902
Albert ShermanSuperintendent of Public InstructionThomas E. Dalton18971898
John MartinRegent18971899
Myron McCordGovernorBenjamin J. Franklin18971898
W. V. WhitmoreRegent18971899
Merrill FreemanRegent18971912
M. G. SamaniegoRegent18961897
Thomas DaltonSuperintendent of Public InstructionF. J. Netherton18961897
Benjamin FranklinGovernorHoward Billman18961897
Howard BillmanGovernorLouis C. Hughes18951897
Michael HodgesRegent18951896
Edward MonkRegent18951897
Louis HughesGovernorN. A. Morford18931896
Charles BruceRegent18931894
Rochester FordRegent18931895
Herbert TenneyRegent18931895
F. J. NethertonSuperintendent of Public InstructionGeorge Cheyney18931896
John OrmsbyRegent18921893
N. A. MorfordTerritorial Secretary18921893
Samuel HughesRegent18911891
John GardinerRegent18911891
George CheyneySuperintendent of Public InstructionCharles W. Strauss18901895
John IrwinGovernorLouis Wolfley18901892
William StoneRegent1890
John OrmsbyRegent18891890
Herbert BrownRegent18891889
Royal JohnsonRegent18891889
Merrill FreemanRegent18891894
Robert MillarRegent18891891
Louis WolfleyGovernorConrad M. Zulick18891890
H. F. GoodwinRegent18891891
Selim FranklinRegent18881897
George RoskrugeRegent18871889
Charles StraussSuperintendent of Public InstructionR. L. Long18871890
J. S. WoodRegent18871889
M. G. SamaniegoRegent18861889
Jacob Mansfeld (Mansfield)Regent18861887
John HandyRegent18861888
R. L. LongSuperintendent of Public Instruction18851887
Conrad ZulickGovernor18851889

Student Regent History

Full NameUniversityReplacedYear BeginYear End
Katelyn ReesUANikhil Dave2022
Rachel KanyurNAUAnthony Rusk2021
Nikhil DaveASULauren L’Ecuyer20202022
Anthony RuskUAAundrea DeGravina20192021
Lauren L’EcuyerNAUVianney Careaga20182020
Aundrea DeGravinaASUJared Gorshe20172019
Vianney CareagaUAMark Naufel20162018
Jared GorsheNAUValerie Hanna20152017
Mark NaufelASUKaitlin Thompson20142016
Valerie HannaUATyler Bowyer20132015
Kaitlin ThompsonNAUWilliam R. Holmes20122014
Tyler BowyerASUJennifer Ginther20112013
William HolmesUARoss Meyer20102012
Jennifer GintherNAUDavid Martinez III20092011
Ross MeyerASU20082010
David Martinez IIIUAEdward Hermes20072009
Mary VeneziaNAUBenjamin Graff20062008
Kolby GranvilleASUWes McCalley20052005
Edward HermesASUKolby Granville20052007
Benjamin GraffUADanelle Peterson-Kelling20042006
Wes McCalleyNAUMatthew Meaker20032005
Danelle Peterson-KellingASUMyrina Robinson20022004
Myrina RobinsonNAUMary Echeverria20012002
Matthew MeakerUA20012003
Mary EcheverriaASUChristine Thompson20002001
Christine ThompsonUAJennifer Reichelt19992000
Jennifer ReicheltNAUJohn Platt19981999
John PlattASUJonathan Schmitt19971998
Jonathan SchmittUAMark Davis19961997
Mark DavisNAUDavid Tung19951996
David TungASUSpencer Insolia19941995
Spencer InsoliaUARhian Evans19931994
Rhian EvansNAUAbedon Fimbres19921993
Abedon FimbresASUDanny Siciliano19911992
Danny SicilianoUAPeggy Steffens19901991
Peggy SteffensNAUPatrick McWhortor19891990
Patrick McWhortorASUJoseph Mikitish19881989
Joseph MikitishUAFelicia Morelos née Martinez19871988
Felicia MartinezNAUNora Ann Gerges née Colton19861987
Nora Ann Gerges née ColtonASUPaul Julien19851986
Paul JulienUAKathleen Couey née Clark19841985
Kathleen ClarkNAUVada Manager19831984
Vada ManagerASU19821983
Shannon MartyUARenee Marler19811982
Renee MarlerNAUJoel Stiner19801981
Joel StinerASUAndrew Federhar19791980
Andrew FederharUA19781979