NAU Strategic Plan and Updates

Northern Arizona University’s academic programs, research, public service and creative endeavors enrich lives and create opportunities in Arizona and beyond. NAU develops solutions to challenges and drives innovation in a supportive, inclusive and diverse environment. Rigorous programs, pioneering research and community impact provide the foundation for transformational student opportunities that prepare graduates to excel in creating a sustainable future, nationally and globally. NAU is distinguished for its quality teaching, transformational relationships that enhance educational experiences and national and global leadership while the university’s core values are centered on excellence in education, student success, diversity, integrity, civility and educational access for all qualified students.

Operational and Financial Review
As part of its constitutional responsibility to ensure that Arizona’s public universities accomplish their public purpose and mission, the Arizona Board of Regents conducts an annual comprehensive review of the operations and finances of each university. Two components of that review are the background report and the business plan.

The background report includes short narratives, several schedules populated by data obtained from the board’s business intelligence database, the financial aid report, other financial data, additional board annual reports and university provided financial projections.

The business plan:

  • contains an overview of the university’s operations and financial strategies
  • explains what the university intends to achieve, recognizing the current competitive conditions and environment;
  • details the major initiatives that will be deployed;
  • identifies the personnel and financial resource commitment it will take to achieve those initiatives;
  • identifies the key opportunities available to the university and its academic, research and operating platform; and
  • addresses what risk factors exist that could prevent the university from achieving its initiatives/goals and the actions needed to mitigate.