A Business Plan to Advance Arizona's Future Economy and Workforce

The Arizona Board of Regents has developed a business plan designed to advance the future of Arizona's economy and workforce, designed to improve the lives of Arizona residents and protect taxpayers. In addition to the fiscal year 2021 request to make the $35 million appropriated in fiscal year 2020 permanent, the board's FY 21 budget request includes university-specific workforce development packages and other economic initiatives.

Proposed workforce development initiatives are designed to improve the quality of the state’s workforce and support a healthy economy. With a new $100 million initialization investment from the state of Arizona, each university will be asked to mount all out efforts to build the means to drive the state’s economy forward. Click on each of the universities’ logos to find out more.

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The proposed workforce development initiatives are designed to improve the quality of the state’s workforce and support a healthy economy.

ASU Logo
Arizona State University - $46M

Provide a workforce ready for success in the new economy, and design and launch the largest center for engineering education and research in the United States, growing enrollments to 25,000+ and making metro Phoenix the leading center for engineer talent production in America.

NAU Logo
Northern Arizona University - $22M

Prepare a robust talent pipeline in high demand fields with an emphasis on health care, including mental and behavioral health, as the largest private industry in Arizona. Increase the educational opportunities available and number of students prepared to enter high demand fields by expanding and diversifying the various delivery models at multiple locations.

UA Logo
University of Arizona - $32M

Enhance Arizona’s competitiveness in the New Economy by leveraging UA’s medical schools, and expertise in space and defense. Expand research to enable new discoveries in personalized medicine, advances in communication and connectivity, tackle pressing health care issues facing Arizona; strengthen UA’s position as a leader in space exploration, planetary defense, national security and asteroid exploitation.

  • Arizona Teachers Academy - $15M
    Expansion of the program will assist with teacher shortages throughout the state.
  • Distributed learning centers - $10M
    Funding will address workforce training issues throughout the state with emphasis on rural communities.
  • Need-based financial aid - $30M
    Funding will increase access to higher education for Arizona resident students and enable the state to more rapidly “grow from within.”
  • Research competitiveness - $10M
    Funding will enhance the rate the universities receive grants for research that will be used to grow the local economy.
  • NAU enrollment support - $10M
    Funding will help advance enrollment, faculty recruitment/retention, quality education and marketing support.

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