Sponsors of Regents’ Cup support event celebrating civil discourse, free speech

Photo of a female student making a point during a debate while other students look on

Sponsors of Regents’ Cup support event celebrating civil discourse, free speech

February 14, 2023

Through the generous support of several Arizona companies that signed on as sponsors of the 2023 Regents’ Cup, students from Arizona’s public universities will be able to compete for scholarships during an event showcasing the universities commitment to free speech and civil discourse.

Sponsors of the Regents’ Cup demonstrate their support of freedom of expression and students at Arizona’s public universities during an event characterized by spirited debate, storytelling and respect for opponents.

Showcasing debate and public speaking skills during the Regents’ Cup competition, student participants compete for thousands of dollars in scholarships made possible by the event’s sponsors. The theme for this year’s event that will take place Feb. 25, 2023, at the University of Arizona is liberty, prosperity and the Constitution.

Sponsorship levels are through platinum, gold, silver and bronze levels. Sponsors and their level of support are:

  • Platinum Sponsors: Arizona Public Service Company; Helios Education Foundation
  • Gold Sponsor: Salt River Project
  • Silver Sponsors: Arizona Community Foundation; W.L. Gore & Associates, Inc.
  • Bronze Sponsors: Arizona Center for Civic Leadership at the Flinn Foundation; Arizona Strategies; Tucson Electric Power

“Sponsors make the Regents’ Cup possible. This event is not only a demonstration of the knowledge and skills of our students, but it illustrates the commitment of our sponsors to civil discourse and the success of students at our universities,” said Regent Larry E. Penley. “We appreciate our sponsors’ generosity.”

Arizona’s public universities are recognized as exemplars in free speech; Arizona State University, Northern Arizona University and the University of Arizona are all recognized with the highest rating from FIRE (the Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression).

“It’s encouraging to see the next generation of leaders engaging in healthy debate and civil discourse as they embrace every American’s right to free speech,” said Jeff Guldner, CEO of Arizona Public Service. “This event is proof of the valuable educational experience that can be found at Arizona’s public universities.”

Participants in the Regents’ Cup compete during Oxford-style and persuasive storytelling events, sharing real stories from their lives. Judges include policymakers, legislators, judges and educators.

“Regents’ Cup participants exemplify what we seek in our leaders – treating those with opposing viewpoints with respect and engaging in civil discourse. We are honored to support this event and these students’ educational goals through our sponsorship,” said Paul Luna, Helios Education Foundation President and CEO.

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