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ABOR Chair Elect Mata announces ABOR leadership changes

Arizona Board of Regent Chair Elect Cecilia Mata announced today transitions in board leadership, with Chair Fred DuVal stepping down from his leadership position effective immediately while remaining as a valued member of the board. As the chair-elect of the board, Chair Elect Mata will now assume the responsibilities of the chair role.

In reflecting on his decision, Regent DuVal emphasized the need for all stakeholders to dial down the intensity surrounding recent controversies at University of Arizona. 

"It's imperative that we move away from the heat of rhetoric and politics and refocus on addressing the genuine challenges facing our institution," said Regent DuVal. "By resigning as board chair, I want to do my part to create space for collaborative efforts toward real solutions. I have full confidence in Chair Elect Mata’s capabilities to lead effectively in this role. Personally, this transition allows me to dedicate more time to serving the University of Arizona during my remaining two years on the board."

Regent DuVal offered, “I have been in touch with many dozen faculty members and have advertised my email to stimulate the input we need from not just faculty but staff and students. I will plan to be available on campus Tuesday, March 5, from 1-5 p.m. and Wednesday, March 6 from 8-10 a.m. to visit with anyone who wants my ear. I will be available in the Madera Conference Room on the 3rd floor of the Student Union. We must solve this together and in my remaining two years on the board I plan to do so constructively and with an open mind.” 

Regent DuVal's term extends until January 2026.

In additional leadership changes, Chair Elect Mata also announced that ABOR Executive Director John Arnold, who serves as interim chief financial officer at UArizona, will take a leave of absence from his board duties to concentrate on implementing critical strategies for the university's financial stability.

To ensure seamless operations during this transition, Chair Elect Mata has appointed ABOR Vice President of Academic Affairs and Institutional Analysis Chad Sampson to serve as interim executive director of the board, subject to board approvalThe board believes these changes are in the best interest of the university and the board.


Regent DuVal's UArizona availability was rescheduled to March 21-22 to accommodate the university’s spring break schedule.


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