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The Arizona Board of Regents’ general education policy provides graduates of Arizona’s public universities with the knowledge and intellectual habits that prepare them to take their place in our republic and the world. It prepares graduates to pursue careers or advanced degrees and participate fully as informed citizens in a robust constitutional democracy based in values of individual freedom, self-reliance and equality under the law, diversity, inclusion and constructive dialog through civil discourse.

Background and Updates

Background: The reform of the general education curriculum at Arizona’s public universities

Update: Message from Regent DuVal at Sept. 15, 2022 Academic Affairs and Educational Attainment meeting

Adopted General Education Frameworks

ASU's New General Education Framework

NAU's New General Education Framework

UArizona's New General Education Framework



ABOR’s general education policy reflects tenets of general education courses to prepare graduates to participate as informed citizens in our democracy. Classes cover core skills and knowledge areas, including American Institutions and United States social and economic history.