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2019 Annual Financial Review

Note this document now includes all three schools. They are no longer separate.

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Audits are listed alphabetically under the year that they were approved by the board.



Accounts Payable, August 2019
Firewall Perimeter Security, October 2019
IT General Controls - Business and Finance, August 2019
IT General Computer Controls - Library, February 2019
IT General Controls - Educational Outreach and Student Services, May 2019
Purchasing Card Program, February 2019
NCAA Student Employment, September 2019
Strategic Partnership - Olympus, February 2019
Sun Devil Athletic Ticket Sales/Fulfillment, April 2019
Sun Devil Athletics Academic Year Financial Aid, May 2019


ASU Online, October 2018
Class Fee, May 2018
Continuity of Operations, February 2018
Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication, August 2017
Laboratory Safety, April 2018
Parking Permits, August 2017
Security Incident Response Program, August 2018
HIPAA Security Rule, August 2017
Subrecipient-Monitoring, September 2017
Sun Devil Athletics Academic Year Financial Aid, May 2018
PeopleSoft Logical Access, November 2018
Sun Devil Athletics Playing and Practice Seasons, November 2017
Third Party Housing, February 2018


Instymeds Pharmacy Dispensing Kiosk, May 2017
T2 Parking Management Agreement, March 2017
Police Department Evidence Room, March 2017
SDA On Campus Off Campus Recruiting, March 2017
Sun Devil Athletics-Academic Year Financial Aid, May 2017


Camps and Clinics, February 2016
Capital Project Audit Psychology Building Renovation, October 2016 IT Physical Security, Mar 2016
Sun Devil Athletics Financial Aid Audit, August 2016 Sun Devil Athletics Student Athlete Eligibility, September 2016


HIPAA Compliance, May 2015
McCord Hall Construction Contract, January 2015
Sun Devil Athletics Financial Aid, October 2015



Cash & Cash Equivalents, October 2019
Center for International Education Reporting, October 2018
Departmental Controls Analysis, October 2018
Foreign Travel Monitoring Process, July 2019
I-9 Management, December 2018
NCAA Compliance, March 2019
Recital Hall Construction, July 2019 Shadow IT (part 1 of 2), October 2019 Sodexo Contract, April 2019


1899 Bar and Grill, November 2017
Art Museum and Galleries, February 2018
Class Fees, May 2018
Loss Prevention, June 2017
Work Order Process, July 2018
Bookstore, August 2018
South Dining Renovation Construction, January 2018


Affordable Care Act, May 2017
Electronic Effort Distribution Reporting, May 2017
Employee Benefits, May 2017
Minors on Campus, January 2017
NCAA Compliance, March 2017
Printing Services, March 2017
Private Donor Scholarships, March 2017
Sport-Clubs, January 2017
The Lumberjack Newspaper, April 2017


Accounts Payable, October 2016
Aquatic and Tennis Center, October 2016
Campus Health Pharmacy, March 2016
CERT: Conduct, Ethics, Reporting, and Transparency, January 2016
Information Technology General Controls, August 2016
International Pavilion Construction, March 2016
NCAA Compliance, April 2016
Student Employment Audit, June 2016
Summer Camps and Conferences, June 2016
Vacation and Sick Leave Reporting, January 2016


Facility Services Computer Service Center, July 2015
NCAA Compliance, July 2015
Housing and Residence Life, August 2015
Extended Campuses-Personalized Learning, October 2015
Science and Health Building Construction Contract, October 2015
Institutional Review Board, November 2015



Biomedical Sciences Bldg Construction Contract, May 2019
Cancer Center Construction, July 2018
Individual Conflict of Interest in Research Policy, October 2017
Institutional Conflict of Interest Policy, November 2017


Arizona Wildcat Academic Center Construction Contract, December 2017
Biosphere 2 Business Practices, September 2017.pdf" target="_blank"
Environment and Natural Resources 2 Construction Contract, October 2017
Parking and Transportation Services Business Practices, December 2017
Sales and Services Revenue, December 2016
Seminar and Conference Revenues, December 2016


Decentralized IT General Controls Review Student Affairs Systems Group, December 2015
McKale Memorial Center Improvements Construction Contract, February 2017
Old Main Renovation Construction Contract, September 2016


Follow-Up Cost Transfers, February 2016
Follow-Up Project Review UAccess Research, February 2016
Follow-Up NCI Selected Business Practices, April 2016
Health Sciences Education Building, Finish Shell Space Construction Contract, April 2016
SPEED Deferred Maintenance and Building Renewal, February 2016
UA South Business Practices, January 2016


Arizona Public Media, April 2015
Audit Follow-Up Department Revenue, August 2015
BookStore Purchases via Service Billing, August 2015
Campus Research Corporation, July 2015
Follow-Up Arizona Stadium, North End-Zone Expansion Construction Contract, May 2015
Follow-Up Mobile Computing Security, September 2015
Residence Life Business Practices, August 2015
Tomdra Inc., September 2015 Vivarium Phase One, March 2015


Affiliation Agreement with Eller Executive Education, December 2014
Third Party Provider-Google Inc., November 2014

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